Do you love life science like us? Maybe you are considering starting up yourself and want to immerse yourself in a start-up environment, or you are already a successful entrepreneur and want to give back?

COBIS works to make your dreams come true – or at least we try our best to increase the chances of success for our start-ups.

If you are like us and want to work with bright and passionate people looking to change our world for the better, pay us a visit, ring us a call or simply show up at the doorstep of COBIS and explore what could become a life changing career decision.

get all this service at cobis


As a tenant at COBIS, you will have access to a modern and full-service science park.

The compulsory basic services include:

  • A professional reception to welcome your guests and answer your phone
  • Distribution of mail and packages
  • Access to meeting facilities with fully equipped AV
  • Hot beverages
  • Access to printer/copier/scanner/fax (billed separately)
  • High speed Internet
  • Secured access control on individual floors
  • Cleaning
  • Promotion of your company on


We know from experience that a strong network provides optimal conditions for growth.

In COBIS, we therefore focus on creating a good and strong network of companies, among other things, by giving you access to professional and relevant knowledge by offering you savings on a daily basis and by hosting a wide range of academic and social events .

networking at cobis


In COBIS we understand the financial restraints laid upon startup projects. You need to go the extra mile to convince an investor, but haven’t got the funds to speed things up. We can assist you by keeping the cost down.

If you only need a desk and access to meeting rooms but a happy to share the room with other like minded entrepreneurs, COBIS offers incubator space for a reduced price.

In CELLS you will get:

  • Your own desk
  • Presentation on our website and on signs in building
  • 24 timers access to COBIS
  • Free access to all meeting rooms
  • Free network (wireless and wired)
  • Access to copy center
  • Reception and telephone services.
  • Managing of post and packages
  • Access to seminars, etc. held in COBIS
cells incubator space - cobis


For businesses wishing to elevate their image and status within the life science industry, a virtual office is both an effective and affordable solution.

Establishing a presence in COBIS associates your business with success and prestige, immediately creating a valuable impression of excellence.

Simultaneously, a virtual office drastically reduces overheads by dispensing with the need to lease physical office space: by providing the core functionalities of an office through various services, your business can be run efficiently from anywhere whilst being officially situated in a high-profile life science district.

Contact us to learn more.

Virtual Office is available for DKK 1,128 per month.